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Welcome to the Cult of Ryliegh!

From the ramblings of an overprotective yet fun-loving Me...

I started the Cult so that I could more easily keep up with a few really fun people I had met in game.  I like to make connections with others ( I might then take this too far and become attached to them, but that is another topic).  Therefore, the Cult is a relatively close-knit community/online game family in my opinion.

Then we continued to find more fun people, and the Cult started growing.  This is a natural progression, and one I am loving.  As we grow I simply want to make my vision for our little family a little more clear, for others and for myself.

We all have real lives, real kids, real families, and these take priority.  So we dont mind the occasional interruption (such as the fixing of dinner, baby tears, and phone calls).
We all enjoy DDO, and enjoy the escape.  We are not all cookie cutter images of each other ( that wouldnt be nearly as fun after all) therefore we are tolerant of each other (ie. different play styles, political and religious views, life choices, life styles, etc.)
To me these are such basic ideas, they are who I am at almost every point in my life that I dont really understand why this must be I am just restating these so that everyone will know how important they are to Me

Things we are not:
We are not rude or abusive to each other.  We do poke fun, and horse around, and laugh.  But when someone expresses discomfort with such poking we apologize, are forgiven, and continue on.  If you are uncomfortable please tell whoever is making you so, work it out like adults.  Dont make a guild wide issue out of it until it happens several times, has been expressed several times, and then does not resolve itself.  I am willing to listen and mediate.

Ok,  onto the if/then statements:
If you are here to have fun and play a game with other adults, then this might be the guild for you.
If you enjoy connecting with other people, hearing about their days, kids, trials and successes then this might be the guild for you.
If you can take the total party wipes along with the total party successes, then this might be the guild for you. (sometimes I have issues with the party wipes, sorry kids, but I am resiliant and I only tend to blame myself)
If you are having a bad day and are feeling insecure and have hurt feelings while in game but can realize that the other culties really arent being rude or snobby, then this might be the guild for you. (try not to log out or leave the guild with hurt feelings, you wouldnt have been invited to join if we didnt really like you)
If you are available to help other people in the guild, or outside of the guild, with answers to questions or in quests, then this may be the guild for you. (however!!! if the questing groups are full, or people are preoccupied with eminent party wipes and you dont get your answer/invite to party immediately dont sweat it.  Ask again or find a pug while the rush is on.)

If you are mean spirited, prejudiced, a religious zealot or a political activist.......then this is not the guild for you.
If you join the guild and find it is not the right fit, please leave in peace, knowing that we are still available for questing, questioning, and general joking.

There are two things that every Cultie has a right to: you have the right to Simple Respect and you have the right to leave.  I love our guild.  I have become quite attached to the people we have.  I look forward to spending time playing DDO with you all.  I enjoy knowing about your lives, your views, your senses of humor.  I just wanted everyone to know where I stand.


The Cult of Ryliegh is a group of players for the Dungeons & Dragons (DDO) Online game.  We're here to have fun, share experiences, and simply enjoy one another's company.

Please look around and send any comments or critiques to

All Cult Of Ryliegh guild participants are welcome to suggest topics or add to the content.  If you aren't a guild member and think we're your kind of group, please talk to a guild officer on the Khyber server.  If you're a guild member and want to directly contribute content to the site, please talk to Ryliegh or Chronlann and we'll try to arrange access.
Copyright Disclaimer
Various references will be made to Dungeons & Dragons Online (TM) content.  This content belongs to Dungeons & Dragons Online, Turbine, Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro, Atari, or other copyright / trademark holders and is used here only for reference purposes.  No challenge to the owner's copyright is intended.

Rules Review

Chronlann, May 20, 10 7:37 PM.
Please take a couple of minutes to look over the guild rules again, especially #4.

The last couple of weeks we may have slipped up a bit.  I believe we have a great guild.  I don't really care how we stack up against other guilds.  As long as we're having fun and respecting one another, it is a good guild that I'm happy to be a part of.

It seems a couple of people who have left the guild may have left unhappy.  Please, if you are not happy, make suggestions about what can be done.  If we, as a guild, cannot accommodate your request, let's separate ways with no hard feelings.

Thank you all for your contributions to the guild.  Now let's have fun!

For recruitment consideration, please contact
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